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When analyzing legal work that is repeatable, voluminous or calls for process and project management, determining where to begin, how to set goals or how to consistently manage matters are common issues.

This is where Counsel On Call excels. Very quickly and at a very modest cost, our Managed Services Division's project managers can become your legal process expert, examine your department's needs and goals, and create a tailored, highly efficient and repeatable process that is closely monitored and efficiently managed.

Some of the areas in which Counsel On Call's Managed Services Division has consulted with Fortune 100 and large corporations on legal processes and implementation include:

•  Litigation/discovery
•  Compliance
•  Contracts management
•  Diligence/transactional
•  Employment
•  Immigration

•  Intellectual property

How It Works

On the front end, a Counsel On Call Project Manager offers:

  • As a former practicing attorney with at least a decade of experience, the Project Manager will meet with you and your team in order to understand and analyze your needs and goals

  • Design/implementation of a customized, repeatable process 
  • The designer of your process at the table with outside counsel when matters originate and begin; this is when cost-saving initiatives and efficiencies are implemented

Results: Minimal cost; A comprehensive, repeatable process specific to your department

After a protocol/strategy is adopted and/or implemented, or even if an existing process is already in place, the Project Manager:

  • Works with supervising counsel to create customized protocols and quality control (QC) processes
  • Collaborates with supervising counsel from the onset and throughout an assignment 
  • Coordinates the selection and ramp-up of the client-dedicated team
  • Manages and benchmarks the implementation and execution of protocols, QC Team
  • Communicates daily with outside counsel (as applicable)
  • Serves as the software/technology vendor liaison; Coordinates with client's IT department 
  • Tracks/benchmarks key metrics of the review team and produces frequent reports

Results: Dramatic efficiency/effectiveness gains and cost savings; High-quality work product

If your department needs process and project management, C
ounsel On Call is your comprehensive and battle-tested solution.

For more information, please request a case study or contact:

Richard Stout | Director, Managed Services Division | e-mail | Follow on Twitter
Barry Willms | Director of Project Management + Consulting | e-mail | Follow on Twitter


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