Substantive Practice Areas

Our deeply experienced attorneys have worked in every corner of the law. Below are some of the areas in which our attorneys have recently worked. 

Additionally, we have hundreds of foreign language attorneys offering services in more than a dozen languages, including French, Spanish, German and Chinese, among others.

If you would like more information about our work in a particular area, please request a case study and specify your request in the form provided. You can also contact one of our officesCounsel On Call is not a law firm and is not engaged in the practice of law.



Administrative Law Litigation (dozens of industries/areas)
Antitrust    •  Class Action
Appellate Practice    •  Commercial
Asset-backed Securities    •  Document Review
Aviation    •  E-Discovery
Banking    •  Employment
Bankruptcy    •  Motions Practice
Civil Rights    •  Securities
Collections    •  Research & Writing
Construction Marketing Law
Corporate Compliance    •  Advertising
   •  Audits    •  Sweepstakes Campaigns
Corporate Contracts Mergers & Acquisitions
   •  Confidentiality    •  Drafting
   •  Consulting    •  Due Diligence
   •  Data Management Maritime Law
   •  Distribution Agreements Mass Tort
   •  Leasing Medicare/Medicaid
   •  Licensing Municipal Law
   •  Master Service Agreements Non-Profit
   •  Procurement & Purchasing Oil & Gas
   •  Servicing Privacy
Corporate Governance Product Liability
Education Professional Liability
Elder Law Public Finance
Employee Benefits/ERISA Public Utility
Employee Investment/Training Real Estate
Employment Law    •  Commercial
   •  EEOC    •  Database Preparation & Maintenance
   •  Investigations    •  Leases
   •  RIF Preparation & Implementation    •  Residential
   •  Training/Counseling    •  Zoning/Land Use
Entertainment/Media Regulatory
Environmental RICO
Franchising Securities
Government Contracts    •  Compliance
Government (Regulatory)    •  Regulatory
Health Care Sports Law
   •  Recovery Audit Contractor Taxation
Immigration Technology (Contracts)
International Law    •  Business Procurement
Intellectual Property (all areas)    •  Distribution Agreements
   •  Patent/Trademark    •  Hardware Licenses
Jones Act    •  Outsourcing Agreements
Jurisdictional Surveys    •  Software Licenses 

Workers' Compensation