The [OP2ML] Discovery Model

[Optimal]: cost containment  •  management  •  protocols  •  collaboration
attorney experience  •  decisions per hour  •  quality control  •  control

[OP2ML] is a comprehensive, turnkey Discovery Model that is easily implemented:

•  Significantly reduces e-discovery expenses with low hourly rates
•  Use of robust
Early Case Assessment tools/protocols reduces the amount of data that needs attorney review
•  Generates high document-decision-per-hour rates for remaining data
•  Seasoned and knowledgeable
Project Managers and team leaders
Experienced discovery attorneys dedicated to your matters
•  Collaborative: Daily communication with the attorneys trying the case
•  Quality Control Process ensures no redundancy during review
•  Transparent reporting system: Make good decisions, accurate budgeting
•  Handles everything from collection to production or plugs in on any phase

[OP2ML] enables the attorneys trying the case to focus on strategy while a seasoned team of Counsel On Call attorneys implements proven protocols and manages the review's costs, efficiency and technology. The client gets the best use of its available resources and achieves a consistent and highly predictable approach to discovery.

Simply put, [OP2ML] is the most cost-conscious, comprehensive and quality-driven discovery model available.

For more information, request a case study or please contact:

Richard Stout | Director, E-Discovery Division | e-mail | Follow on Twitter


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