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For each Counsel On Call candidate, we conduct an in-person interview to see if we're a fit with one another, discuss your experience and talk about your personal and professional objectives. In addition, we will talk about the different ways our attorneys practice and answer any questions you have. The Counsel On Call placement coordinator conducting the interview is a former practicing attorney with extensive knowledge about our business and how we work with attorneys in your shoes.

After the interview and if it's mutually agreed that we're a fit for one another, we complete our screening process by speaking with at least three professional references, reviewing writing samples (when appropriate), verifying licensure and conducting a background search.

If it is determined that we're a fit for each other, we will never submit your resume to a client for consideration without contacting you first to gauge your interest and obtain your permission.

We encourage you to schedule a time to talk with a placement coordinator to gain a better understanding of the way our attorneys practice law. If one is not located in your city, contact the placement coordinator in the city nearest you or e-mail our corporate office directly.

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