An E-Discovery Partner for Law Firms

Now more than ever, clients demand a low-cost e-discovery solution that is highly efficient – and the ability to quantify the savings and results.

As a foundation, we offer experienced attorneys at an attractive price. This allows law firms to engage our attorneys and handle document review assignments at a competitive rate.

From a broader perspective, Counsel On Call provides law firms the opportunity to create a comprehensive and highly flexible e-discovery service with our proven, turnkey e-discovery solution. We use a collaborative approach that allows law firms to concentrate on litigation strategy and supervision while we handle cost containment and team management. We offer:

•  A creative billing alternative with low hourly rates or all-in (unit) pricing
•  A team of
experienced attorneys dedicated to your firm
•  Ability to direct and supervise and meet all ethical obligations; can observe the review in real-time
•  Hands-on Project Managers who understand how to hit benchmarks and assignment goals
•  Proven quality control and review protocols that can be easily tailored
•  Management/coordination of technology vendor relationships
•  No overhead expenses, no responsibility for benefits
•  Now downtime: Our attorneys are always billable; make adjustments as workload fluctuates
•  The ability to be cost-competitive with a superior process when pursuing litigation work
•  Tracking/reporting throughout the assignment; you show how much time/money you saved the client

See how we work in different phases of the discovery process.

For more information, please request a case study or contact:

Richard Stout | Director, E-Discovery Division | e-mail | Follow on Twitter
Barry Willms | Discovery Process Architect, E-Discovery Division | e-mail | Follow on Twitter


Counsel On Call is not a law firm and is not engaged in the practice of law.