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In Teams

Our clients trust our ability to provide business solutions, which often includes putting together teams of talented attorneys who can work together effectively and can handle a wide variety of assignments efficiently. This is appealing to many of our attorneys, who appreciate working side-by-side with their colleagues, working on-site for a client, or in office space we provide.

Our teams range in size from two to 10 to 25 attorneys or more – whatever size will accomplish a client's objectives. To create clear lines of communication we identify a team leader for each assignment, usually an attorney with expertise in the case's subject matter as well as management experience. We conduct assignment orientations so everyone – from the Counsel On Call attorneys to in-house counsel to outside counsel – is on the same page from the beginning. Our clients appreciate this approach because it fosters efficiency and cohesiveness and delivers a high-quality work product.

On-site or Remotely

Our attorneys often work on-site for a client or in their outside counsel's office. Counsel On Call also has office space in which our attorneys work.

That being said, we believe good attorneys want to work with good attorneys no matter their location, and in this day and age geography is not the hinderance it once was. In fact, there are more and more opportunities for our attorneys to work from a home office – often for clients on the other side of the country. Remote work opens new doors to work-life balance, convenience and personal flexibility – and saves overhead expenses for our clients.

The ability to work from home or from a remote location is one that we work with our clients to provide. The work involved, the types of assignments the attorney is willing to accept and the flexibility of the attorney to meet the client's needs (both at home and the willingness to travel to an office if needed) are each factors in this decision process.

Flexible Hours

The flexibility our attorneys enjoy is not only provided by the location in which they work. They also enjoy the flexible hours a client may allow.

We work with our attorneys to identify specific clients and assignments that meet the schedule they seek, whether it's 5, 25 or 70 hours per week. We also utilize job sharing on some e-discovery assignments. Whatever the situation, we offer our attorneys the ability to pursue other interests, make more time for family, maximize income ... or all of the above.



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