Electronically Stored Information Policies & Early Case Assessment

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ESI Policies

A solid Electronically Stored Information (ESI) policy that works in-tandem with the collection and processing stages provides huge benefits not only in cost-savings but in building a repeatable, defensible process. Understanding where ESI resides, who to use to collect that ESI, and how to reuse that ESI in future matters are hallmarks of the services we offer.

We work with numerous technology companies that collect and process ESI in a forensically sound manner. This provides our clients with tremendous flexibility in selecting the right tool or platform for a specific matter, one that fits with existing tools and resources, aids in early case assessment (ECA) initiatives, and/or integrates with the review software to be utilized. When handling or consulting on these matters, we only recommend providers we have personally vetted.

We help clients create ESI policies that make sense as a stand-alone service or as part of our end-to-end discovery solution.

Early Case Assessment (ECA)

ECA is an area in which large amounts of e-discovery costs can be eliminated for a relatively small expense and perspective is gained on the data set; it's typically a very effective cost containment tool.

Effective ECA – often generating up to a 90 percent reduction in the volume of data that needs attorney review – requires proven leadership, knowledge, battle-tested protocols and a team approach. Counsel On Call project managers and team leaders come from this mold. Through our collaborative model, we work directly with a client’s in-house and outside counsel to not only utilize the robust features of ECA platforms but to consult on best strategies to reduce the amount of data and focus on the most important documents. We do this in a number of ways.

Use of leading ECA platforms is also bundled into our low cost, easy-to-budget, all-inclusive per gigabyte pricing structure as part of our end-to-end discovery model, or billed using our attractive hourly rates when a la carte ECA and attorney review services are utilized.

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