The Tenets of Law. The Principles of Business.

Charting the Future of the Legal Industry

Our company was founded more than 15 years ago on the concept that there is a way to do legal work more efficiently by combining talented attorneys with sound business principles.  This results in significant cost reductions without sacrificing quality.

The Counsel On Call Difference

Providing High-Quality Legal Talent on Demand

Counsel On Call are the experts in the management, processes, and economics of the business of law, not just the practice of it.  We provide consistent teams of attorneys to work collaboratively on large-scale assignments in our Managed Services Division — or individually for specific engagements — with the goal of helping our clients get quality legal work while always meeting their budgetary goals efficiently and effectively.


Benefits of Working With Us

Standardized Proprietary Processes and Materials

Our proprietary and standardized processes, workflows and review materials, developed and continuously refined by our subject matter and process experts, allow us to produce a consistently high-quality work product at low cost, all custom tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

A Legal Thought Leader

Predictable Outcomes

Counsel On Call is a thought leader in the Managed Services arena, with more experience than any of the newer entrants in the field, achieving success by:

  • Analyzing and redesigning workflows so clients have information to make better sourcing decisions;
  • Reducing legal risk and costs through process, measurement and feedback loops;
  • Collaborating with systems engineers, information technologists, and project/process managers for maximum value to become better, faster, cheaper.